Resource Promotion

Hello all,


For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m Tara and this year’s Resource Promotion chair for SoCal Chapter.

We have our first deadline coming up, Full Circle and Full Circle Plus, in order to get our PAOE points.

This is the deadline for board members and officers to contribute to ASHRAE research and get in Honor Roll Investor club! This requires each of us to contribute $100, or if we can more. ( I mean .. we all can do $100 a year! )

Next deadline after full circle is achieving 30% of our goal before December 31, and for this we need every member of ASHRAE Socal’s support.

100% of this money will go to research, meaning not only you are helping creating jobs for some people ( those who actually do the research projects ) you are also helping advancement of our industry and helping green engineers such as myself learn faster and have better, more reliable resources. And for that we thank you

This is when we put our money where our mouth is, literally.

If any of you has a project in mind that you want to support please let me know and I can make sure your contribution goes to that research.

You can make your contribution by:

  • Going online and following instructions below ( will take 2 mins !)
  • Call me and give me your information and I will do it for you
  • Send a check directly to headquarter
  • Send a check to me
  • Ask me to come pick your check up
  • Or anything else you are comfortable with … I will try to make this as easy as possible for you

Thank you all and see you soon

Taraneh Shoorideh
Mechanical Design Engineer
Office : (562) 497 2999
Direct Line : (562 ) 384 4007

Online Contribution

Go to

  1. In the first rectangle put your contribution amount and check ASHRAE Research circle.
  2. Check the box for endowed support
  3.  In existing fund name copy :  S California Chapter
  4. If you want to support scholarship please fill the scholarship amount and pick general
  5. Click on personal contribution
  6. Under contribution information field in red are required, fill out your information
  7. SUBMIT and wait for your name to pop up a san honor roll investor !

Please call me if you have any questions… don’t be shy 😊


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A special thank you goes out to the following 2016-2017 contributors:


DMG Corporation
Western Allied Corp
$500 – $999
Mars Air Systems
Pottorff Company APS
$249 –  $499
DMG Corporation
Western Allied Corp


$1000 – $2499
Mr Philip M Trafton
Mr Michael W Gallagher
$500 – $999
Ms Erin K McConahey, PE
$250 – $499
Mr Bark J Tong
Dr Manojit Sinha
Mr Kevin A Smola
Mr Fitz Callendar
Mr Ricson Chude, PE
Mr John L Sundahl
Mr Wayne D Adams
Mr Eric Tobiassen
Mr Omar Rojos
Mr Jay A Madden
Ms Cynthia A Callaway
Miss Christine M Lazo
Ms Karine Leblanc
Rafi Karim
Dr Hofu Wu
Mr Nelson Echeverry
Mr Brian A James
Mr Peter Simmonds, PhD
Mr Edward Saltzberg, PE
Mr W. John Irwin II
Mr Richard Riviera
Taraneh Shoorideh
Mr Michael McAfee
Mr Joe C Ablay, PE
Mr Clayton A Lampman
Mr Roy M Lee, PE
Mr Andrew Reilman, PE
Mr Don N Gallagher
Mr Earl F Naab, PE
Mr Alfred Co Ong
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