About ASHRAE – Southern California Chapter

SOCIETY – A Technical Society

  1. Join an organization of more than 50,000 members along with international members in almost every country.
  2. In 1994, the Society celebrated 100 years of serving its members.
  3. Set Standards used by both industry and governmental agencies through its standards committees.
  4. Established technical committees to support the Standards and publishing the Guides.
  5. Published handbooks – Guides.
    • Fundamentals
    • Refrigeration
    • HVAC Applications
    • HVAC Systems and Applications
  6. Conduct Research – more than two million dollars, annually.
  7. Hold two technical/business meetings a year along with a trade show.
  8. Publish a technical journal, monthly.
  9. Publish many technical and reference manuals.

CHAPTER Extension of Society’s Activities

  1. Hold monthly meetings to present technical programs.
  2. Meet and interact with your peers.
  3. Present annual or semi-annual technical seminars.
  4. Publish annual Roster of Chapter members and firms including the Product and Engineering Directory.
  5. Present special technical meetings important to our area – Chapter Technical Committee.
  6. Sponsor members firms technical awards.
  7. Offer field trips to interesting project sites.
  8. Encourage college students to join ASHRAE. Organize Student Chapters.
  9. Offer scholarships to deserving college students.
  10. Provide social activities – Golf Tournaments and Officer’s Installation Night.
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